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Brief Product Description:

All SoftPro products have been created with ease of use for your firm in mind. Data is entered just once and carried throughout the entire SoftPro system. No third party software is required for operation. Hardware requirements are minimal, and the software works in stand alone or network environments. We at ProBill believe you will find, as many thousands of customers before you, that SoftPro is the finest closing and title software available.

ProForm - Closing and Title Insurance Forms

ProForm is the foundation product, it offers improved speed, accuracy, and control over every phase of the closing and title process. You enter data (such as sales price, buyer's name, etc.) only once and ProForm does the rest. It performs all the calculations in real time including taxes, payoffs, commissions, title insurance premiums, and all pro-rations. When you choose the documents you need to print, ProForm fills in the data at the appropriate locations on the documents. ProForm includes the HUD-1 Settlement Statement, HUD-1A, Disbursements Summary, Title Commitments and Policies, and over 100 other ReadyDocs (ready-to-print documents).

ProTrust - Trust Account Management and Reconciliation

ProTrust is the SoftPro product for managing and reconciling one or multiple trust accounts. When combined with ProForm, you can easily and accurately transfer funds and disbursements from the closing to ProTrust. ProTrust maintains all transactions including deposits and checks that are active, voided, pending, or held. You can also quickly search for specific ledgers or transactions, as well as print checks and a variety of reports to assist in reconciliation and auditing procedures. If you integrate to one of ProBill's time billing products you may not need this module.

Prolndex - Title Plant Indexing

ProIndx is an electronic database of title records, automating the typical manual title index card cross-reference system. You can enter the data by hand or if you have ProForm, you may import the data from your closing file. Each title record can be quickly retrieved using a combination of any of the fields in the database for your search. Other Modules that may interest your firm

Pro1099-IRS 1099-S Magnetic Media Reporting

ProMort - Advanced Amortization Calculations and Schedules

ProDesign - Custom Forms Designer

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