ProBill is one of the nation's largest implementer, trainer and value-added reseller of legal specific solutions. Law firms depend on ProBill to provide options to purchase their legal technology solution.

ProBill offers a variety of financing options besides leasing (for leasing go to alternative lease page off the home page). Only some of the financing options offered are:

  • Credit Card Purchases
  • Deferred Credit Card Purchases
  • Direct withdrawal from firm's checking account
  • ProBill held short-term lease with flexible terms
  • Staged software implementation
  • Short-term solution rentals

At ProBill we are always exploring new and innovative ways to help facilitate law firms' acquisitions of legal technology solution. The options above offer short-term alternatives until a longer term plan can be developed such as a line of credit or long term lease.

To discuss any of the above options email or call your ProBill representative at 800.299.9177.