Credenza turns Outlook into a professional practice management tool.

If you are a professional who:

works for clients
organizes your work around the files or projects you do for clients
uses Outlook ...
Then you need Credenza.

As you'll see throughout this feature list, Credenza expands Outlook by adding dimensions that professionals need to manage their practices more effectively.

Organize your calendar, tasks, email, documents, research, phone calls, notes, billable time and more according to your client matter files or projects.

Credenza is especially helpful if you bill for your time. With Credenza you can easily track time as you work. Recapture lost billable hours stolen by email and bill for any activities in Outlook.

Credenza also makes collaboration easy by allowing you to create a Team to share information with other users. Your Team can be any combination of people who work together; you and your assistant, your workgroups, or a firm with hundreds of users. Work more effectively by sharing all the details of your files with everyone who is working on them, while keeping private your personal information.

All within your familiar Outlook.

Credenza is simple, easy and incredibly inexpensive.