Track More Billable Time with Time Entry Advisor
Generate more revenue for the firm by capturing more billable hours with PCLaw software. Track billable hours and expenses with traditional timesheets or timer plug-ins available for browser and office applications. Use the Time Entry Advisor to receive a reminder at the end of each day about that day's unbilled tasks.

Meet client-specific billing needs such as flat-fee, task-based, split, contingency, retainer or LEDES-compliant electronic bills. Use the standard bill formats included, create new templates or customize bills for individual clients. Update accounts receivable, client ledger and work-in-progress records automatically when clients are billed.

Trust Accounting
Fulfill trust accounting requirements with easy-to-use tools to manage your firm’s disbursements and receipts for clients and trust accounts. Prevent overdraws on client trust accounts with built-in rules. Ensure accurate records of transactions with automatic transfer of client trust funds.