Worldox GX3® is comprehensive, practical, sensible document management for the real world… your real world. Using Worldox GX3, you can give your people fast, easy access to all the information and knowledge you own, from word processing files and spreadsheets to emails and scanned documents even voice mails – virtually anything that can be stored as a file.

Delivering competitive advantage to over 5,000 companies worldwide
More than 5,000 companies now utilize Worldox – Worldox has the broadest installed base of any document management system. Right now, Worldox GX3 is at work in law firms, financial services firms, manufacturers, universities, government and defense, non-governmental organizations, and more. Using Worldox GX3, these organizations can…

- Collaborate more effectively as teams, whether they’re supporting the same client, addressing the same matter, or participating in the same project.
- Respond more rapidly and effectively to questions, problems, and new business opportunities.
- Systematically reduce costs, by eliminating the costs of searching for (or recreating) content
More fully leverage existing information they’ve already paid to create.