ProBill Law Firm Solutions has one mission. To provide the most complete legal specific solutions available. We work for no other clients than law firms and no other industries but yours.

We are not a single software vendor or developer. We offer choices; each company we represent as well as our own products has unique features that may make it the solution for your firm. Until we understand your application needs we will not "push" a single solution on the firm.

Our consultants travel the Americas implementing and training approximately 300 new law firms per year. Not only do they bring application expertise to your front door but a wealth of firm operational knowledge.

Of course we can ship you just the software and are happy to do so, but training is our main business. Whether you decide to attend a classroom throughout the country, sign up for interactive web training or have our consultants on-site, it is your choice. In our opinion the only bad training decision is no decision.

Enjoy our web site, and email me personally with your questions at

Tana Lynn Boniello, Chief Technologist