ProBill Law Firm Solutions is a national firm specializing in the legal vertical. We are consultants, implementers, trainers and dealers in numerous national legal specific solutions. These solutions include time billing and accounting, practice management, intelligent document assembly, cost recovery plus more than a dozen complimentary products. A more complete list of software solutions represented by ProBill are listed on the products link of ProBill Law Firm Solutions' website. To learn more about ProBill and the solutions offered by ProBill, please visit the other pages and links contained within our website.

The goal of ProBill Law Firm Solutions' Signature Partner Program is to work with technology oriented firms, who are serving law firms in their area and bring to your clients a more complete legal solution on their behalf. ProBill is the nation's largest national integrator of several nationally recognized solutions. Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to help technology oriented firms maximize the return from selling legal software and companion products. ProBill Law Firm Solutions has divided its products and services into Partner and Retail products and services. Please note, ProBill administers the Partner program directly without developer interference. Also, please review the download for FAQ's to learn what advantages technology oriented firms can acquire over its competition by becoming a Signature Partner with ProBill. Additionally, ProBill's Signature Partner Program does not require an annual fee, a continuing education requirement or a mandatory sales quota to participate in our program.

To become a Signature Partner, simply download and complete the signature partner agreement form below and fax the same to ProBill Law Firm Solutions If you have any questions, please call us at 561.391.5476 and ask for ProBill's Signature Partner Liaison.